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Golf Matters: Improve your bunker play

Golf Matters
Understanding how the sand wedge club works is paramount to building a consistent strike when your ball falls into a bunker

Golf Matters with Bearwood Lakes' JON DRY

Golf Matters with Bearwood Lakes’ JON DRY

One area which many golfers often struggle to achieve success and consistency is bunker play.

Yet when you watch the world’s best players on TV they make it look so easy. With the correct technique you too can find bunker play easy and achieve great results.

Understanding how the sand wedge needs to work through the sand is paramount to build a consistent strike.

If you look closely at the sole of a sand wedge you will notice that it has a rounded shape, which is known as ‘bounce.’ The bounce allows the club to glide through the sand and prevents it digging in and decelerating.

To learn how to use the bounce effectively try taking some practice swings in a bunker and feel the bottom of the club striking the sand first. The club should now maintain its speed and allow you to make a full follow through.

A simple set up

Golf Matters

I often see people who are extremely confused about how to set up to the ball in bunkers. My belief is that we can make it far more simple.

Take the same set up as you would for a normal shot aiming square to the target. Position the ball towards your front foot as we must hit the sand first!

With the ball forward in your stance now address the ball with your hands hanging centrally and the clubface next to the ball (hands sit behind the ball).

This position will encourage you to use the ‘bounce’ on the sole of the club rather than digging the club into the sand. Finally put 60-70% of your weight on the leg closest to the target to ensure you hit that sand before the ball.

Maintain loft throughout the swing

Golf Matters

Keep a smooth swing with the body turning and the club accelerating through the sand until you reach a full follow through with your chest facing the target.

This gives you the best possible chance of maintaining the loft on the clubface and allows the club to glide through the sand sending ball sailing high out of the bunker.

Try making some practice swings with one hand on the club feeling the ‘bounce’ working through the sand as your body turns back and through. If you are really bold try hitting some balls this way!

Golf is hard enough, so let’s keep things simple to avoid confusion and achieve our goals.
Give this bunker tip a try and let me know how you get on. If you would like any more information please get in touch with us at Bearwood Lakes.

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