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GOLF MATTERS: Use SMART goals to improve your golf

Bearwood Lakes
At Bearwood Lakes we are fortunate enough to have our Mizuno Performance Centre where we are able to custom fit people for clubs which are tailored exactly to your specification

Golf Matters with Bearwood Lakes' JON DRY

Golf Matters with Bearwood Lakes’ JON DRY

The start of a new year provides us with an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and look at potential changes to help us achieve more through the year ahead.

As golfers, this is when we look at our technique, our mental skills and our current equipment, as we strive to have everything in place for when the weather improves and season kicks in.

Over the coming weeks I will be meeting with many of the players I work with and outlining goals for the year ahead.

I always encourage people to use SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Agreeable, Realistic, Time based) as this provides us with a clear plan of how to make 2017 our most successful year yet.

Many people use SMART Goals on a daily basis through work and there is no reason why these ideas cannot be applied to golf and other sports.

February is often the month where many golfers drag the clubs out of the wardrobe and head to the Driving Range, trying to remind themselves of how their swing felt last year.

I would always encourage golfers to spend this time working on their fundamentals, such as the set up, before they get too caught up in the mechanics of the swing.

Grip, posture and alignment are areas where winter rust can be apparent, so make sure you put clubs down on the ground to check your aim and use a mirror to ensure your posture is correct.

It is a great time to seek the advice of a PGA Professional to help you check this part of your game and to ensure that you start the season in the best possible way.

For those of you who follow the US and European Tours, you will have seen that many of the world’s best players are starting off the year with new clubs in the bag as they look to find
a few more yards off the tee and tighter dispersion in their iron shots.

As a golfer I will certainly be trying out the latest equipment over the coming weeks to see if any of the new technology can help me for the season ahead.

At Bearwood Lakes we are fortunate enough to have our Mizuno Performance Centre where we are able to custom fit people for clubs which are tailored exactly to your specifications.
If you are looking at changing clubs I cannot stress enough the importance of having them custom fitted!

If you would like any help in setting your goals for 2017, checking your swing fundamentals or even a custom fit session please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Myself and my team and Bearwood Lakes take great pride in helping people to play their best golf and to enjoy this wonderful game more each day.

Get in touch and find out more

Bearwood Lakes Golf Club, Bearwood Road, Wokingham RG41 4SJ

Phone: 0118 979 7900

You can also send Jon an email by clicking here


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