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Grazeley to trial rainbow bin bag collections from Wokingham council

rainbow bin bags

WOKINGHAM is to trial a controversial replacement system to the blue bags.

On Saturday, residents living in the Grazeley area will receive a new roll of rainbow bags designed to help pre-sort waste before it is collected.

Under the new scheme, the now traditional roll of blue bags will become more colourful with the intention that residents dispose of different types of waste in turn.

Blue bags will continue to be used for general waste that cannot be recycled.

Orange bags will be introduced for waste that should be sent up in smoke, such as nappies. Lime bags will be for food waste, while green bags will either be for cheese and onion or empty salt and vinegar crisp packets depending on how old you are – but the two cannot be put in the same bag.  

Red bags will be flame retardant so that barbecues, charcoal and hot chocolate can be disposed in them.

A new purpose-built category of recycling for Wokingham is being introduced and this the purple bag. This is for car parts such as engines or car horns.

And confidential waste will be placed in clear plastic bags.

Under the trial, a different coloured bag will be collected from the kerbside every day. Residents will need to have their bags placed outside the property by 6am each day, apart from weekends, when the trucks are expected to arrive at 4am.

Each truck will be fitted with special chimes, similar to an ice cream van, to let residents know of their arrival. If they are asleep, the music will wake them and remind them to get up and place the appropriate bag outside. 

The chimes will vary and be hinted around the different types of waste. On the day garden waste will be collected, English Country Garden will be played, while food waste will be collected to I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

Grazeley has been chosen by council officers who blindfolded themselves and then stuck a pin the map.

The new bags will be delivered on Saturday, April 1, before noon, with the trial expected to start shortly afterwards.

Man Woo Jeol, spokesperson for Wokingham District Council, said: “We know this sounds unbelievable, but it is. The Conservatives announced last week that the weekly bin collections will stay from 2019 and, if this trial is a success, we will be ready to roll it out across the district.

“Some residents may raise their eyebrows at the clear plastic for confidential waste, but we don’t have any secrets here, so we think it’ll be fine.

“If any residents haven’t received their trial bags by noon on Saturday, April 1, they should be in touch lest they look foolish.”

As you have probably realised, this is an April Fool and is not happening!

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