Green champions Sam and Tasmin know that Charvil Matters – and they’ve got the backing of Theresa May


A SONNING couple are hoping to make a clean sweep of the borough’s litter problems.

Sam Akhtar and Tasmin Morgan, have already got the backing of Prime Minister Theresa May for their eco enterprise.

Now they want to roll out their campaign, which was launched at the Charvil fete, to other villages and add to the fifteen volunteers who have already signed up.

“I was amazed at the interest we received at the fete,” said Sam.

“Lots of people said it was a great idea and want to hear more. We have called it Charvil Matters but our hope is other villages and towns get involved so we have Wokingham Matters, Woodley Matters and so on.”

Sam and his fiancé, Tasmin, both 28, said they aim to start with litter picking and improve recycling targets and cutting down on the use of plastic.

“But we want to go further and to help, for example, elderly or housebound people with tidying their garden and even make sure road signs are cleaned.

“These things matter to ordinary people so they are what we want to tackle. However, rather than just organising an event and then everyone goes home, we hope to create a social group where volunteers meet to do a job then go for lunch or coffee afterwards.

“That way we can create real community involvement which benefits people and the places where they live.”

Andrew said Theresa May praised Charvil Matters and gave it her full support

“Lots of people were gathering around our stall and when I spotted the Prime Minister, I just had to go and speak with her.

“She and her husband were very interested and encouraging. Tasmin and I explained that more and more people understand that caring for the environment is not just something they do now and then but a real lifestyle.

“People, especially young people, have a passion for the environment but no outlet for that passion. Tasmin and I both work full-time as do many of those who have already volunteered, but we still want to make time for caring for the environment and other people in a practical


Volunteers looking to get involved can email Sam at charvilmatters@gmail.com or Tel: 07340 178316

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