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HARRY’S WORLD: A new road to travel

Harry Bradley
Harry Bradley

So, the world seems to be moving forward again.  The pause button has been deactivated and we’re back on track.

Traffic where I live, on the Reading Road, is backing up just like to good old days! 

I’ve finished my end of year exams and have a weekend trip to the beach planned with a group of friends. 

I’m back at ‘real’ school next week and I’ve got University open days to look forward to. 

Who knows, I even may head over to The Oracle for some new summer clothes. 

Yes, we’re back on track but the road looks very different to the one we’ve walked before.

My exams were done online, like all the ‘lessons’ I’ve had since the end of March. 

The weekend trip to the beach involves travelling in two separate cars and it’s just a few select friends to keep contact to a minimum plus we’ll all be taking our own food. 

Don’t even get me started on what will happen if I need the loo while out for the day.

School also starts on Monday, which is incredibly exciting, but it hasn’t quite returned in full.

It will only be for a couple of days and we’ll be in ‘bubbles’ with just 10 other students. 

Uni open days are virtual but I’m already getting use to that, with other online lectures and seminars getting me in an online state of mind. 

Although the high street has reopened, browsing for clothes and shoes doesn’t hold the same appeal and I can’t really shop with my friends, which was always the best part. 

So yes, the world is moving forward again and we’re back on track but it’s a totally different track to the one we walked pre-Covid.

 I’m beginning to face up to the fact that I’ll probably never set foot on that path again but I’m heading in the same direction, just taking a different route. 

The busy traffic on my road might be a pain but at least it’s a constant reminder that life has started to pick back up again.

For me that means A Levels, in whichever form they take next year. 

Hopefully University too, whether it’s virtual lectures or not. 

And days out with my friends.  

Yes, my road to all of these places may look totally different but I’m okay with that.

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