Hearing company launches microsuction ear wax removal clinic at Earley GP


A COMPANY that helps people to hear clearly has opened a new branch from an Earley GP. 

Interhearing, which has branches across Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales and the West Midlands, is offering microsuction ear wax removal in Wokingham borough. 

It has set up in Brookside Surgery in Brookside Close. 

The service offers fine suction under magnification to clear out those ears and is viewed by ear care professionals as the safest form of wax removal. 

The founder of Interhearing and audiologist John Beharrell said that he recognised the need for a private wax removal service. He said that his patients were reporting that they were no longer offered ear syringing by their local GP or were faced with excessive waiting times for specialist hospital microsuction appointments. 

Anyone using Interhearing’s services can usually be seen within a week from booking.

Mr Beharrell said: “We treat patients aged 16 to 96. We understand that blocked ears can cause symptoms of discomfort, hearing loss and tinnitus and can really affect a person’s work, home and social life and so a long waiting list can be very frustrating. On average, we see patients within three to seven days. We want people to know that there are alternative options available to them.”

 “Our senior ear care nurse in Earley, Joyce Duodu, has worked in healthcare for over 11 years, having worked in various nursing positions within the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation. 

“She has extensive experience in the area of ear wax removal using microsuction, along with treating a range of ear conditions and will be a fantastic addition to the team.”

For more details, log on to www.interhearing.com

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