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High-fiving thieves stopped after chase with unmarked 1.2-litre Corsa

The van that Thames Valley Police recovered after a chase Picture: Thames Valley Police

HIGH-FIVING thieves attempting to flee from the scene of the crime were caught in the act after being chased by police driving a lowly 1.2 litre Corsa.

The small engined car was enough to allow Thames Valley Police to catch up with the thieves who moments before had bragged about their amazing driving.

The incident took place at 11.21pm on Friday, March 16 in Farley Hill.

Officers had been called to a business address in the village and saw a transit van which they felt was suspicious. The police were driving the small, unmarked Corsa car and parked up close to the van.

In a tweet officers said: “If you are going to park up around the corner from the burglary you just fled and high-five each other, don’t do it in front of an unmarked unit.

“Also don’t brag about how amazing your driving is when you couldn’t even get away from said unit, who were driving a 1.2L Corsa!”

The officers then approached the vehicle, letting the thieves know they were police officers, but the van drove off.

A chase to nearby Hartley Wintney ensued.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police told The Wokingham Paper: “The passengers ran off into the wilderness but the driver was ‘swiftly detained’. He was then arrested on suspicion of theft.

“The vehicle has been recovered and what we believe to be stolen property from a building site close by to the original report has been recovered.

“The driver is in custody at this time and enquiries are ongoing.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101.

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