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How can you have a healthy takeaway?

LOCKDOWN has seen us make more meals, but it’s also seen some of us make a beeline for takeaways.

Heart Research UK

How can you stay healthy while also enjoy a treat? It can be high in fat, salt and sugar.

Here, Heart Research UK offers some tips:

Choose the venue carefully

Compare the menus for takeaway food outlets and try to choose one that provides some healthier options. Some takeaway food outlets list calories on their menus and this can help you to make a healthier choice.

Choose wisely from the menu

Try to avoid foods that are deep-fried, such as fish in batter, chips and fried chicken. Swap large deep-pan pizzas and pizzas with stuffed crusts for smaller pizzas. Select lower fat pizza toppings, such as mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn, chicken and ham, rather than pepperoni or extra cheese which are both high in fat.

Keep an eye on portion size

Be careful not to buy too much food when ordering your takeaway. Instead of ordering starters, mains, sides and desserts, why not just have a main course and finish off with some fruit and yoghurt? You could share a dish or freeze a portion of your takeaway for another time to avoid eating too much.

Make a ‘Fakeaway’

Try making healthier versions of your favourite takeaway dishes at home by finding healthy recipes online. If you can’t live without your favourite takeaway dish, you could try swapping side dishes, such as chips, garlic bread, fried rice or naan bread for brown rice or wholemeal pitta bread that you prepare at home.

Think about what you drink

Rather than buying sugary drinks with your takeaway, try drinking tap water or low-calorie drinks instead. If you usually have alcoholic drinks with your takeaway, try to reduce the amount you consume by having a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink and try to choose drinks that have a lower alcohol content. Not only will this reduce your calorie intake, but it may also reduce the cost.

You can find plenty more healthy tips and recipes at

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