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How Captain Tom inspired Woosehill girl to cut her hair – and what that means for the Royal Berkshire Hospital

DIY haircuts may have become the norm during lockdown, but for one Woosehill youngster the chop has meant hundreds of pounds for charity.

Eleven-year-old Molly Story began May as Rapunzel’s lookalike. Two months later and she’s showcasing a new look with a real sense of pride.

On Sunday, May 24 the generous youngster lost 15 inches of her hair as part of a fundraiser for Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Inspired by Captain Tom’s efforts for the NHS, Molly saw lockdown as an opportunity to help frontline workers on a local level by donating to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

She said: “I wanted to give back to the heroes who risk their lives daily to help and save people.

“When I was seven I raised £2,000 by cutting my hair for the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Princess Trust so I wanted to do it again.

“As lots of people contributed to Captain Tom’s fundraiser, I wasn’t sure I’d receive even £150 so I was so happy when I got to £400.”

“I felt really proud.”

And designated hairdresser, Mum Kelly, describes the moment Molly requested her help. She said: “One evening Molly turned to me and said, ‘can we do it now?’

“It was almost 10pm at the time so my husband and I said no, but when I saw how determined she was I changed my mind.

“We went upstairs and just cut it there and then. She was over the moon.

 “It was like she’d been given a new lease of life and huge boost in confidence.”

Ms Story added: “Molly is always looking for ways to help people and animals, and has so much kindness inside of her so I wasn’t surprised when she came up with the idea.

“At first she wanted to raise money for the NHS like Captain Tom, but we decided a local cause would make more of an impact.

“She chose the Royal Berkshire Hospital as both her and her brother Sam spent a lot of time there as babies as they were premature.

“The hospital has continued to care for Sam so Molly wanted to give something back to them to show her appreciation.”

To donate to Molly’s fundraiser log on to

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