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If you’re fed up of wearing your jim jams all day, Aparna can help.

“If you want to try something new, go for it and embrace your decision.”

PYJAMA days became the norm during lockdown, as working from home and staying inside became a new way of life. But is there anything we can learn from our changing fashion habits?

Wokingham fashion expert Aparna Jain believes in dressing right to feel right and explains how adapting our wardrobes could give us the boost we need.

The owner of fashion business YunikuLondon, on Nine mile ride, Finchampstead, has spent lockdown examining the ways clothes affect our mood and has reached a conclusion based on experiences of her own. 

She said: “At the start of lockdown I would spend days in my pyjamas or hoodie lounged on the sofa not wanting to do anything.

“I made little effort with my clothes and wasn’t presentable and it really rubbed off on my mood.

“One day I decided to try something different, so I got up early, had a shower and put on a nice dress, lipstick and earrings.

“The result was amazing, I immediately felt motivated and in the right mode for working.

“As my sons were being homeschooled I then got them to do the same and it had a ripple effect on their attitudes.”

Ms Jain, who opened her Wokingham studio in August 2018, has been sharing her fashion wisdom with clients via Zoom sessions where she helps women adapt their wardrobes to suit their work and lifestyle needs.

She added: “As I had to close the studio due to the virus, I have been video calling my clients and giving them virtual shopping experiences. 

“Some women come to me with a clear idea of what they want, and others want a fresh start and need my help with where to begin.

“We either focus on maximising their current wardrobes or pick them some new outfits to try.

“I have done contactless deliveries to clients as well as collection following a 72 hour quarantine of the clothes.”

The fashion expert also explained how the Zoom sessions have benefitted the women’s wellbeing, by helping them stay connected with people outside of their households.

Aparna said: “Lockdown has been a tough time for everyone and I could see that it was affecting my clients’ mental health.

“As well as talking about their clothes, we used the video calls to share tips and stories from lockdown which helped keep both mine and their spirits high.

“The challenges of working from home usually came up in conversation and we began to list ways we could make ourselves stand out in video conferences and interviews.

“It’s always a good idea to wear a colourful top or dress in calls like these and to try and put some make up and jewellery on to show you have made an effort.

“I also find wearing a bold necklace or long earrings helps you stand out as it shows your personality and can boost your confidence.”

The clothing expert also explained how lockdown may have a positive impact on people’s styles in months to come. 

She added: “Lots of people have used this time at home to try new styles, make up and hair cuts which they wouldn’t have attempted in normal life. 

“Coming out of lockdown I think people will have more confidence to wear new colours and have fun with their look as this period has taught us that life is too short to be boring. 

“You shouldn’t spend your life worrying what others will think of you. If you want to try something new, go for it and embrace your decision.

“This is something I tell a lot of my clients when they come to me saying they won’t wear a certain piece of clothing because it doesn’t suit them or their conscious of their legs or waist. 

“It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, the sooner you realise you’re beautiful, the sooner you will feel happy in your own skin.”

YunikuLondon features a range of women’s clothing and accessories including scarfs and handbags. 

Aparna is now also selling 100% cotton face coverings which are reusable, reversible and washable and can be bought as a pack of 2 or 4. 

And she is now welcoming customers back to her studio by appointment only.

A maximum of two customers can attend at a time and safety precautions including hand sanitiser and gloves can be expected during your visit.

For more information or to book a consultation visit or contact Aparna at or on 07903267135. 

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