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Intimate survey reveals region's favourite bedroom positions


AS ROMANTIC thoughts turn to intimate ones for Valentine’s Day, a new survey has revealed the Thames Valley’s favourite sex position. 

And a rise in web searches for unusual bedroom positions such as The Shard and the Candle Master is being linked with the television programme Love Island. 

Online marketplace commissioned research into Google search terms across the country in a bid to find the most-searched sex positions. 

And they also asked people across the country what their favourite position is. 

The survey revealed that classic positions including the missionary, the cowgirl and the 69 are in the top five-most searched. 

The most looked-up sex position is the Eagle, with an average of 150,730 monthly searches. It is a long way ahead of the second-placed 69, which had 11,660 searches. 

Spooning came in eighth with 1,910 searches and in 10th place was the Pretzel position, with 660 searches. 

The same research looked at least-searched positions: Nirvana and Sphinx were joint first with just 10 average monthly searches. 

And’s survey of people’s favourite positions saw almost a third of the south-east respondents – 29% – say their best was a standing position. 

For the Reading area, which includes parts of Wokingham borough, the Eagle was revealed to be the favourite sex position. 

Basingstoke and High Wycombe both favoured the Cowgirl. 

Nearby Oxford favoured the 69, while London was another vote for the Eagle.

Researchers asked people from each of the UK’s areas with a population of more than 100,000 people what is your favourite sex position. 

Most searched sex positions across UK

Searches per month

  1. Eagle 150,730
  2. 69 11,660
  3. Missionary 11,420
  4. Cowgirl 8,550
  5. Reverse Cowgirl 3,720
  6. Standing 2,470
  7. Lotus 2,090
  8. Spooning 1,910
  9. Doggy Style 1,220
  10. Pretzel 660

Least searched sex positions across UK

Searches per month

  1. Nirvana 10
  2. Sphinx 10
  3. The Cross 20
  4. X Marks the Spot 20
  5. Thigh Master 40
  6. Candle 50
  7. The Shard 50
  8. Sideways Straddle 50
  9. Peg 60
  10. Side by Side 100

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