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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s some super spoons

SPOONS, it seems, are all the range.

Earlier this month, we brought the news that Spoonville had sprung up in Winnersh. 
In fact, you could say it was quite the scoop. Spoons – scoop? No? Just us then…

The idea is simple: people can get a wooden spoon, decorate it and then add it to the growing collection.

There’s been everything including a recreation of the pop band Queen.

It’s been such a popular idea that it’s spread across the world, including a Spoonville that was launched Down Under. Thankfully, the spoons are the right way up, otherwise that would be … different.

And another spoon village has been set up closer to home near Whiteknights School.

It’s rather super. Or it’s rather full of superheroes.

Some of the first spoons to be placed on site include depictions of the Incredible Hulk and Superman – or Superspoon, we should say.

There is also a special area dedicated to those real life superheroes, the wonderful people working in the NHS, care homes, schools and other key workers.

Michelle, who contacted Wokingham.Today about the town, said: “It’s growing slowly and we have some wonderful spoons added from friends, family and neighbours.”

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