Jose Gomes on: Blackburn defeat, three consecutive defeats, players spirit

Jose Gomes
Reading v Charlton- Jose Gomes

Jose Gomes says that his players need to keep a positive spirit after they fell to their third consecutive Championship defeat to drop to 20th in the table.

On the defeat…

“Of course it’s disappointing we didn’t win, we prepared for the week to collect the three points and we didn’t. We must look not only in the good moments, but when we lose.

I said to my players when we have tough moments, its a special moment to learn to be better. Everyone has ups and downs. We need to learn from our mistakes as soon as possible and be stronger than before. It’s a new squad, with a new challenge for this season.

I really believe in my players and this team and I’m completely sure at the end of the season the table will be completely different. We will be there near the top of the table, we need to give confidence to our players to help them grow and to perform better to collect the points we need to be there.”

Performance of the players…

“At half-time I was completely angry with them, really upset. There were tactical mistakes that we shouldn’t, so I spoke with them and explained things. We came into the second half with different energy but the worst thing that happened did as we conceded the second goal.

We shot a lot of times, around 20 times. We were much more dangerous in their box but we only scored one goal. The big lesson is that 45 minutes is not enough to win the game.”

Recalling Puscas and Joao…

“They need confidence Strikers get confidence from scoring and assisting, when they see the result of their work. we have six strikers, they are all good players we just need to help them perform better and collect the points we need.”

Three consecutive defeats…

“After eight games, nobody wins and nobody loses. We need to be patient to be stronger and help the players recover from these moments to go again and im confident this will happen.

I felt if we won this game, we would have along period of victories. I say this as I see the spirit, this is a fantastic group. We need a good result and things will change. It’s a very long competition.”

Frustration of fans…

“We have this squad and must help them to perform better. They’ve already showed they can give fantastic things for us. Of course I’m not happy, nobody is happy, but at the same time I have this energy that I know I will help them to be better.

We’ve played eight games. We want to win and we are working very hard for it, we just need to be patient. It’s tough now, to look at the last three results. We will see who really wants to fight to help the team be better, I know I have these men in the group.”

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