Just why are Spriggan Mist so popular?


IT should be a promoter’s nightmare – even though its an audience’s dream.

Trying to describe the music of Bracknell-based band Spriggan Mist is not an easy task.

But whatever words are used, it doesn’t stop this band with its magical blend of rock, folk and prog, from selling out tours.

Local fans, old and new, can get a taste of what makes Spriggan Mist so popular, when they play the TradeMark Windows Stage at Wokingham Festival on Sunday.

“We’ve had promoters tell us they are not quite sure how to market us because we have such a unique sound,” says bass, bouzouki and vocalist, Baz.

“I suppose the word goth might be close but we are certainly not a tribute band. We write and play our own music which doesn’t really fit into any genre.”

Having retired from a successful kickboxing career, and looking to replace the hole martial arts left, Baz threw his energy into learning the bass.

Together with his wife Maxine he was part of the covers band Hot Machero and then Stone Jesters which eventually led on to forming Spriggan Mist in 2008.

Over the years Baz has progressed from the backline and in the shake-up of band members in 2011 took on more of the singing duties and has even written and co-written some of the Sprig’s songs.

He is full of praise for Maxine who plays an incredible 37 instruments. She has had a passion for music since an early age when her Dad used to bring home all different instruments for her to try out.

Playing both traditional and classical music throughout her teens and performing in orchestras and big bands, as well as performing in musicals, her passion was always to write and record songs.

Max still has a great passion for unusual instruments and writing songs about life and spirit. The music Max composes is the heart of Spriggan Mist. – hear it for yourself

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