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Leave.Eu delighted after Dr Phillip Lee loses Bracknell Conservatives’ vote of no confidence

Dr Phillip Lee
Dr Phillip Lee

A PRESSURE group that has been campaigning to get one of Wokingham borough’s four MPs deselected has said it is delighted that he has lost a vote of no confidence.

On Saturday, June 1, members of the Bracknell Conserative Association held the special general meeting after a sustained campaign to unseat Dr Phillip Lee over his views on Europe.

Dr Lee quit the Government last year because he wants the UK to remain in the European Union and is also campaigning for a second referendum on the issue.

Leave.Eu launched a campaign to get Remainer MPs deselected by their local parties. This requires the local Conservative Associations to hold the special meetings when enough members have contacted the chairman asking for the vote to take place.

In April, that threshhold was reached in Bracknell and the meeting scheduled for today.

In a statement, Arron Banks, the founder of Leave.EU, said: “We are delighted with today’s victory against staunch Remainer Phillip Lee.

“Lee has criticised our campaign as a reason why his members have lost confidence in him but the reality is it is his own actions that have proven to be his undoing.

“We have 27,000 paid up Tory members across the U.K. all to happy to help with the Leave EU campaign.

“He claims never to have voted against Brexit, yet he voted to revoke Article 50 and has consistently campaigned for a second referendum despite his Bracknell constituents voting Leave in 2016.

“Lee is our sixth scalp, following Soubry, Allen, Wollaston, Boles and Grieve. He won’t be the last.”

But others have been calling for Dr Lee to stay on.

Members of Young Conservatives For A People’s Vote picketed the road outside the Coppid Beech Hotel to show their support.

In a tweet they said: “Whether the motion passes or fails, this is very scary for our party. If we keep calling these votes in our moderate, One Nation, Pro-EU MPs, then the face of our party will change beyond recognition. We must remain a broad church in order to win in elections.”

Another said: “Another sad episode in this whole shambles that is Brexit. Decent MPs like @DrPhillipLeeMP being totally left behind by his party. Shameful!”

But not everyone agreed:


Dr Lee’s office and Bracknell Conservatives have been contacted for a statement.

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James Gray

How sad that this group, funded by foreign money, is having such undue influence on our democracy.


Where is your proof of that ?, but you have no problem with foreign Soros money being used to overturn a democratic vote

James Gray

You were doing so well: unlike most quitters, asking for evidence! Here you go as a starting point:

Following an investigation we launched on 1 November 2017, we have reasonable grounds to suspect that:
– Mr Banks was not the true source of the £8m reported as loans
– The parties to the financial transactions that led to the £8m being paid into BFTC’s bank account included a non-qualifying or impermissible company, Rock Holding Limited, which was incorporated in the Isle of Man
– Leave.EU, Elizabeth Bilney (the responsible person for Leave.EU), BFTC, Mr Banks, and possibly others, concealed the true details of these financial transactions, including from us, and also did so by knowingly making statutory returns/reports which were incomplete and inaccurate, or false
– Various criminal offences may have been committed
Accordingly, we have referred this matter to the NCA, for it to take forward. We will liaise with the NCA to provide whatever assistance it may require.

While I don’t expect a quitter to care about British law, particularly one who falls back on the usual antisemitic rubbish about George Soros, you should at least recognise the rank hypocrisy in your position.

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