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‘Let’s give Colin the send-off that he deserves’

The late Mr Collin Miller. Picture: Andy Jones

A HEARTFELT call has gone out to celebrate the life of an Army engineer who passed away last month.

Collin Miller from Wokingham never married or had children or has any brothers or sisters that he kept in contact with. 

Due to his lack of family and friends, there are fears that he will leave the world alone at his upcoming funeral.

The late Mr Miller was often visited by volunteer, Andy Jones. The two had been paired together by The Link Visiting Scheme.

“I have been visiting, almost every week my mate Colin Miller. We had a great time together and made each other laugh all the time,” explained Mr Jones.

“Sometimes when I didn’t feel good I felt that I was going to see him for me, a kind of reverse therapy. I felt we were there for each other, he was a lovely man.

“He sadly died a week ago last Saturday and I will miss him.”

The late Mr Miller served as a radar operator and engineer for 23 years with the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, who maintain the equipment that the Army uses.

Mr Jones added: “My concern is that there will be nobody at the funeral to see him off, which is a shame as he was a lovely, if shy, man who served his country.

“I know he missed his mum immensely and when we discussed her and her passing, which we did often, even though it was 30 years ago he cried each time.

“I would like to think that he will see her again and be reunited and save the tears.”

During his time as an engineer, Mr Miller was awarded a medal for long service and good conduct, which Mr Jones volunteered to have repaired for him. 

It is hoped that some of the older members of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers will attend the funeral, with a standard Bearer present, and his coffin draped in the ceremonial flag. 

The ceremony will be held at Bracknell Crematorium sometime in the next two weeks, a date not decided yet. 

Mr Miller is currently with A B Walker in Woodley. Ken Murphy is handling the arrangements, he can be contacted on 0118 957 3650.

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