Local artist Richard Conway Jones will showcase his work at Dinton Pastures next month

A vibrant display of landscape paintings will appear in Dinton Pastures’ Dragon Fly café next month.

The exhibition by local artist and musician Richard Conway Jones will include both oil and watercolour paintings of local sceneries including the Wargrave river.

Mr Conway Jones said: “Most of my work is of the local area. When creating on the spot paintings I often use water colour.”

The creative has showcased his work at the family café before and is looking forward to visiting the venue next month. And his paintings will be available to purchase at the display.

He said: “There are few cafés left in the area that still welcome private galleries. Dinton Pastures is one of them.”

The exhibition will run throughout June. For more information about the artist, visit https://sites.google.com/site/englandsgreatestlivingartist/art?authuser=0

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