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Local foodies have recipe for success as comes to Wokingham

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Supper offers home-cooked meals delivered to your door.

A COMPANY that is promising healthy, nutritious home cooked food delivered to your doorstep is getting ready to launch in Wokingham next week. is a new take on home delivered food – customers download a free app, book a meal created by a local chef and then it is brought to their homes ready to eat. Meals offered have all been checked by a Harley Street nutritionist to ensure they are healthy and use fresh ingredients, giving customers peace of mind about their intake of calories, fat, salt and sugar.

Meals are created by ordinary people who love cooking, in their own homes. The company’s approach is that chefs can work as often or as little as they like.

Wokingham is only the second place in the country that will serve – and it is planning to expand. But there is a special reason for the company launching here: the duo behind the business are coming back to their home territory.'s founders Duncan Scott and Nick Bolter’s founders Duncan Scott and Nick Bolter

Both CEO Duncan Scott and head of personnel Nick Bolter grew up in the borough and, following last year’s successful launch of in London, they are looking forward to bringing their magic recipe here.

It all started when the duo worked in the City.

Mr Bolter said: “We were working long hours, he was working in the City, I was working just outside of the City, 10 hour days if not more. You don’t eat very well – we’re talking about dried pizza and picking up another ready meal.

“The idea for came from a discussion around that, asking what can we do about it.”

The pair started a programme of market research to find out what else was out there.
Mr Bolter said: “It quickly became apparent that no one ticked the boxes that we wanted to: we would do home cooking in a new format. We wanted to do the nutritional side well. Market research said it was feasible.”

And so the idea for was born: an app that you have on your phone, allowing you to book a home cooked meal made by local chefs and delivered to your door. It launched in August last year in London and on February 16 the idea comes to Wokingham.

“We want to have dishes that are unavailable in a traditional takeaway format. We’re a bit more of a bespoke food delivery service and that gives us the edge.”

The Wokingham section of Supper’s website and app is now available. Log on to to find out more. The service launches on Tuesday, February 16.

We will be giving away a free meal from in Friday’s Wokingham Paper – don’t miss your copy!

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