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LOCKDOWN VERSE: We’ll meet again

Kevin Bacon
A Kevin yesterday. No Kevins were harmed in the making of this poem. Picture: David Mark from Pixabay

When Vera sang that famous song
Back in those war-time years
Not knowing we’d be singing it
To help us through Corona fears

‘We’ll Meet Again’ she sang
‘Don’t know where, don’t know when’
And now with families split apart
Just as we were back then

So as the country stands together
And again we fight a foe
No bombs to drop upon our heads
But courage we must show

And although the news is dismal
‘We’ll keep on smiling through’
Uniting our great nation
‘Just as we always do’

As each day we fight the virus
Through uncertainty and pain
We’ll lift our hearts together
‘One sunny day we’ll meet again’

Honey, I ate Kevin

Cooped up with a five-year-old
Isn’t that much fun
So when I found the shops were bare
I knew the time had come

So, Honey, I ate Kevin
The vicar told me so
Said ‘The good Lord will provide’
So Kevin had to go

Next week I’ll eat your mother
’Cos she’s getting on my wick
I know that she’ll be tough as boots
And probably make me sick

But the dog is fed and happy
And sitting by my side
In peaceful isolation
Together we’ll survive.

Jean Hill

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