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LOCKDOWN VERSE: What do superheroes wear?

NHS superhero
Picture: Tumisu from Pixabay

The superhero outfit

What should Super-Heroes wear?

1.  A MASK (of course) to prove they’ll dare
To conquer fear and beat despair.

2.  A VISOR which can rise or fall,
Whenever victims cry or call.

3.  A COSTUME (must be clean and bright)
To calm the terrors of the night.

4.  A PAIR OF GLOVES as blue as skies,
To soothe the pain in frightened eyes.

5.  A BADGE OF COURAGE, there to show
They’ll never let us down,

And so…

6.  OUTFITS are useful – but hey! Did you guess?
We need our True Heroes, when we’re in distress:
Those brave Super-Stars from our own

Clare Bevan.

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