UPDATED: Man seriously injured in stabbing attack close to Wokingham’s railway station

Police on Station Approach following reports of a stabbing on Monday, April 1

POLICE have confirmed that a man has been stabbed close to Wokingham’s railway station late last night.

An area from The Station Tap pub to the entrance of the station has been closed by police while they conduct an investigation. It remains closed this morning.

A section of the pub’s outdoor seating was also cordoned off and fencing was broken.

Access to The Wokingham Crisis House has been blocked due to the cordon.

There were several police cars plus an ambulance on the scene. A number of eyewitnesses were being kept within the police cordon.

The incident took place late evening on Monday, April 1.

In a statement, Thames Valley Police said: “The force was called to Station Road at 9.50pm, after reports that a man had been stabbed in the street.

“The victim, a man, has been taken to hospital with serious injuries.

“An 18-year-old man from Farnborough has been arrested and is currently in police custody.

“Anyone with information is urged to contact the police.

“In an emergency call 999, or in a non-emergency information can be left online at https://mymsg.eu/5pmd quoting reference 1243 (1/4). Alternatively, you can call us on 101.”

An eyewitness told The Wokingham Paper said: “He was stabbed and there was blood everywhere.”

The Station Tap
The police cordon included parts of The Station Tap’s beer garden

There are reports of sick images of the incident circulating on social media.

The Station Tap was approached for information about the incident, but management asked The Wokingham Paper to leave the premises.

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The shops would approach for comment to the website


Police have arrested an 18 year old man from Farnborough and he’s now in custody. The man was stabbed to death at 0:900pm tonight at the station pub before the force were called. He’s still dead though. I remember the staff at JD Sports in Ilford, east London had to barricade themselves in the amid gang raid because the gang had to steal clothes. No arrests have been made. Did you know what also happened at McDonald’s in The Lexicon in Bracknell? Well I shall tell you, there were bad people there. They were stealing cheeseburgers, they also hit each other while I tried to stop and they ran away before the Police arrived! I was really scared and it should never happen again!!!

Plus I don’t like knife crimes…🗡


John you are a Gavvers nark get up would ya

john dodds

Have you been in that pub… its majority under age and a magnet for yp waning to get drunk; based on the the fact they will serve anybody. The fact its on a train line again means its a magnet for people from all over to stop off and get drunk on route to Reading. Also… have you walked outside the pub (the large pavement area) on a Sunday morning – there is smashed glass everywhere! every weekend. Who do you think is doing that? Obviously…. its the people carrying pint pots and bottles from the beer garden to the station… being drunk.. and smashing them all over the pavement. The pub does nothing to stop this…. nothing to enforce appropriate behaviour… nothing to stop under age drinking. When you get these three things in the mix it equals – dodgy people….fights… drugs… anti-social behaviour… and now… stabbings. The pub needs putting on notice!!

Mark Adams

It’s unfortunate that you should attempt to involve the Station Tap in your reporting of this incident. There is no suggestion whatsoever that either the perpetrator or victim had any connection to the business other than that the victim had sought refuge in the pub garden during an attempt to escape the attack.

It is simply a public house adjacent to a busy railway station.

Albert James Hodder

I and many others have adopted a street or area to litter pick on a regular basis, we get hi vis jacket and bags plus a picker from the council and the bags are collected along with our regular rubbish collection.
Anyone can get involved, just ask the council and they will supply everything.
Unfortunately I get a bag week from my area so I guess nobody is learning anything but it does look better and I get some satisfaction from that.
It costs nothing to get involved.

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