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MONEY MATTERS: Let the brain take the strain?

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The human brain works like a very powerful computer, if you want to achieve anything worthwhile in life, I would recommend that you “train your brain”.

You can do so by providing quality input that is a detailed resume of what you want to achieve by when.

This will filter through to your subconscious, even if your desired goal is over the top, the subconscious will simply accept your instruction, so effectively you are programming your brain to make you successful, whatever that means to you.

You need to repeat the programming on a continuous basis, at least weekly.

Sounds crazy?

I have lost my fortune twice in my life, each time I have managed to recover my fortune by programming my brain to good effect.

Your subconscious will seek out ways to assist you, even while you sleep.

So, what do you want to achieve in life? Why not make a list?

People often start their list with something like – big house, but that is not enough information; you would need a far more detailed description of the house. Perhaps you could draw a picture or grab hold of details from an estate agent. Then you need to establish when you want to move in. You’ll need to know the price, location.

That was a start, you may want to add further items to your wish list.

When you have finished your list, leave it for a short time, when you return – make sure that these really are your wishes.

Start back on the list.  Look at the first item – how unhappy would you be if you did not manage to achieve this?

Write down how you would feel and the extent of any unhappiness.

Keeping on the first item, you now need to list 10 baby steps that will enable you, step by step, to achieve your wish.

Make sure each step is full of detail and put a timeline on completing each step.

You will be tempted to throw the list away, as you may feel despondent because you feel that what you wish to achieve will be impossible.

Don’t give up; you need to look at your list every week. When you do, make sure you initiate some action that will take you closer to your goal.

This might be quite insignificant on its own, but anything positive you do, will bring you closer and any time spent on anything negative will set you back.

You need to spend five or six weeks setting your goal in motion; after this you need to work out how to apply your existing your resources to better effect – the resources could be financial (investments, money, property) or skills.

Look carefully at how your existing assets are deployed – will continuing with the assets or investments in their present form help you achieve your goals?

If not, you will need a strategy to overcome the limitations of your existing arrangements.

I believe that your time is better spent in planning and developing strategies, than in simply “reviewing your investments” once a year.

If you have never undertaken this type of exercise before, then you may be sceptical.

Trust me this is extremely powerful.

The sad fact is that a very high percentage of people never achieve their full potential.

The system I have described will assist you to maximise yours.

Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future returns, and future performance is not guaranteed.

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