More parking for country park causes resident frustration

The new car parking at California Country Park. Picture: Wokingham Borough Council

ELECTRIC car-charge points and upgraded parking have been introduced to a local country park as part of an improvement scheme — but local residents aren’t impressed.

California Country Park now has 80 new parking spaces as well as bike parking and improved road surfaces.

This came as part of an improvement project carried out in phases last year.

However, a resident of California Park Homes is unimpressed with the new additions.

In a letter to The Wokingham Paper, they said: “We have lived at California Park Homes for 30 years and have enjoyed the beauty of the country park next to us. 

“But for over a year, we have had to endure lorries and diggers destroying trees and wildlife and what for? Car parks! 

“We now have more spaces than in Wokingham and the ones that are finished, weeds are coming through already. 

“They move earth from one place to another, the recycling bins are moved right up the end, there are steel fences everywhere, plus you have to pay up till 10pm at night. 

“It’s a shame what’s been done.”

They added: “Some of our residents now have lights shining in their home and will have to put up with car doors banging all day. Goodness knows what it has cost.”

The next improvements planned for the country park are a new play park, upgraded toilets and a new bridge open in spring to improve the public rights of way and link to the California Way greenway.

Further works are also planned at Nine Mile Ride which will complete the final part of the California Way.

Other recent additions include outdoor pergolas installed next to Jackson’s Café. These will provide an all-weather sunshade or rain cover. 

Cllr Parry Batth, executive member for environment and leisure called the changes “much-needed improvements”.

He said: “We want to ensure that our Borough residents experience the best of our facilities. As such, it was vital that we invested in this much-loved park.”

New cycle racks have been added outside the cafe. Picture: Wokingham Borough Council

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