MP impressed with ideas and approaches of Wokingham’s top cops

Dr Phillip Lee
Dr Phillip Lee

‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what’s all this then?

Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee met the long arm of the law last month, but it was all for the right reasons.

The MP, whose constituency includes parts of Finchampstead and Wokingham Without, met with the new Bracknell and Wokingham leadership team for Thames Valley Police.

Chief Constable John Campbell moved up from the role of Deputy Chief Constable in April and Superintendent Felicity Parker became the new area commander for Bracknell and Wokingham at the same time.

At a meeting, the crime-fighting duo explained to Dr Lee the current situation and also outlined their priorities for policing the area in the future.

Dr Lee said: “Generally speaking, Bracknell and Wokingham is a low crime area. However, that doesn’t reduce the need for vigilance, nor should we ignore those crimes, such as domestic violence, that can often go unnoticed below the radar.

“I was very impressed with the ideas and approach of John Campbell and Superintendent Parker and look forward to working with them both over the years to come.”

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