MP’s role in tackling racism

Sir John Redwood
Sir John Redwood MP

Millions of protests have broken out across the globe as anger towards the killing of George Flloyd boils over. 

Black Lives Matter demonstrations began after a video of Mr Floyd’s death went viral. 

The shocking clip, showing how a Minneapolis police officer knelt on the unarmed black man’s neck until he stopped breathing, was filmed on May, 25 2020 and has since sparked world-wide outrage. 

Across the UK tens of thousands of protestors have gathered in opposition to racial injustice, resulting in areas including London’s Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park being swarmed.

And while most activity has remained peaceful, in the form of painted signs, chants and speeches, clashes with police and incidents, such as the tearing down of a slave trader’s statue in Bristol, have occurred.

Anti-racism campaigning is also making its impact on a local level, with many residents taking action in the form of petitions calling for changes to school curriculums and letters to their local MPs.

And one constituent, who emailed Wokingham MP Sir John Redwood about the actions he is taking to eradicate racism in the borough, has expressed their frustration towards the leader’s short reply. 

She said: “I sent him Sir John an email raising many questions including what he was doing to support the black lives within his community, and why he had not yet spoken out about the death of George Floyd.”

“To say that his response was disappointing would be a gross understatement; not only did he ignore many of the questions I raised, he offered no examples of how he would be acting to support the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Sir John has since responded saying: “ I condemn racism in all its guises and have helped legislate to make it a crime in the UK. 

“I always take up any cases where it plays a role in my constituency when they are brought to my attention.”

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“I always take up any cases where it plays a role in my constituency when they are brought to my attention.”

Not so – not so. You do not always take up cases where it plays a role in your constituency when they are brought to your attention. You pick and choose, ignoring anything that could just possibly dent your hugely over-inflated ego.

Peter Hornsby

I wonder if John Redwood has ever condemned the racist language repeatedly used by his leader Boris Johnson?

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