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Mum’s anguish after bracelet is lost at spa

Kirsty with the bracelet she lost at Nirvana Spa

A MOTHER-of-two who suffers from crippling pain and fatigue is appealing for help after she lost her beloved charm bracelet while at a Sindlesham spa.

Kirsty Thomas, 37, who lives in Southcote, Reading, suffers from Fibromyalgia, a long-term condition which causes pain and stiffness all over her body. She visited Nirvana Spa, in Mole Road, with her friend on Sunday, November 6 for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Kirsty said: “We had signed up for a session in the floatation pool because the salts and the feeling of weightlessness really helps with my condition. I was really looking forward to it.

“Because of the minerals in the water, we were advised to remove any jewellery, so I took my necklace and my Pandora charm bracelet off and put them in the top of my locker in the members’ changing area.

“We finished our spa day feeling refreshed and relaxed, we’d had such a lovely time. We got changed and left at around 7.15pm, but once I got home I realised I wasn’t wearing my bracelet, and must have left it behind in the locker.”

Kirsty called the spa immediately, and spoke to a concierge who went to check the locker, but the bracelet was not to be found.

She continued: “I was told it had been logged on a spreadsheet, which would be distributed to all members of staff, including the cleaners, but the concierge couldn’t give me anymore information than that.

“Obviously I was quite panicked as I’d lost my bracelet, so I got quite upset.”

Kirsty called back the next morning to check if anything had been handed in, but she received the same response.

She said: “The bracelet has between 15 and 20 charms on it, it probably cost around £1,800 but it’s hard to say as a lot of the charms aren’t produced anymore.

“I went to Pandora later in the week to let them know I had lost it. One of the clasps is quite sticky, so I thought it someone had found it and took it in to get it fixed, it might come up on their system if they knew it was missing.

“I think someone may have stolen it, that is my gut feeling. But why would someone want charms that don’t mean anything to them? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Kirsty with her children Emilia and Gabriel
Kirsty with her children Emilia and Gabriel

Kirsty was first given the bracelet for her 30th birthday, and had added charms added to it over the years. She said: “My son Gabriel, who is now eight-and-a-half, had ‘bought’ me a lot of the charms, including an angel because I always called him my angel baby. He also bought me a wishbone charm, because he said he wished my pain would go away.

“My mum bought me another charm when I was pregnant with my second child. She had asked for a ‘baby boy’ charm, and had asked and asked the sales assistant to check it was for a boy, but when I opened it, it was a ‘baby girl’ charm, and not long afterwards I found out I was expecting Emilia, who is now 15-months-old.”

Kirsty, who is an English teacher at Denefield School in Tilehurst, said: “It is upsetting me so much, my condition causes me so much pain, I have difficulty sleeping and some days I can’t even walk.

“I can find it really hard to hold Emilia, let alone play with her, and she has just started walking.

A Pandora bracelet similar to the one Kirsty lost
A Pandora bracelet similar to the one Kirsty lost

“The condition is getting progressively worse, some days I can’t even hold the phone or a book. This is why my friend wanted to treat me to a day at the spa, as she could see how much pain I am in.

“The bracelet means so much to me, it has so much sentimental value which is far greater than what it is worth.”

A spokesperson for Nirvana Spa said: “Nirvana Spa is extremely sorry to hear of the loss of Kirsty’s bracelet, which were obviously of great sentimental value. Whilst we have followed all our procedures, it is very sad that the jewellery has not been found. However, we remain hopeful that this publicity may lead to recovery and we will be happy to help in any way we can.”

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