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New Year's resolution clinic for drugs and alcohol runs last session next week

The drop-in clinic has one more session next week. Picture: congerdesign via Pixabay

A DRUG AND alcohol drop-in clinic in Wokingham will run its last session next week.

The SMART resolution clinic has been running every Wednesday throughout the month. 

The informal and confidential sessions are an opportunity for Wokingham residents to receive information and support regarding their drug or alcohol use. 

Vikki Lake, service manager at SMART Wokingham said: “Seasonal blues are very real and can greatly impact our wellbeing throughout January. 

“Any alcohol or drug use may feel like it’s cheering you up, but this is a short-term fix that simply adds to the low mood overall. 

“Getting help to cut down will have a big impact on your quality of life and will give you a great start to a healthier and happier 2020.”

Courtnay Sibley, recovery facilitator at SMART Wokingham said: “Our service endeavours to continually be inclusive. 

“We don’t just work with drug or alcohol dependence but with those you want to address any concerns they have about their current use; our new resolution Clinic is a fantastic place to do this. 

“We understand how difficult it can be to take the first step towards getting help and making decisions about substances. 

“We are here to help anyone living in Wokingham, who is concerned about their drug or alcohol use. If you feel you need help, we are here to listen, advise and support; whether your goal is to cut down or stop completely.”

The drop-in sessions run from 6pm until 7.30pm at SMART Wokingham, 38 Station Road, Wokingham.

The last session will be Wednesday, January 29. 

In addition to January drop-in clinics, SMART Wokingham is open Monday to Friday during the day — with some evening services. The charity receives funding from Wokingham Borough Council for community-based alcohol and drugs support services for young people and adults, regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

It provides support for residents of Wokingham who are struggling with their drug and alcohol use including one-to-one support, counselling, substitute prescribing for opiate addiction, needle exchange and interactive, informative groups. 

The service is only available to people residing in Wokingham.

More information regarding drug and alcohol use can be found at 

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