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Wokingham Driving School

If you live or work in the Wokingham area, you will have seen notices about Smart Motorways (or hear them being built!)

What are they? I often get asked.

A Smart Motorway is a motorway that uses technology, and quite often the “hard shoulder” as an extra running lane (either permanently or at times of high demand).

The speed limits are variable, and although it can be frustrating to be “forced” to go slower than 70mph, in times of high volume slowing the traffic actually gets everyone to their destination quicker (there is a mathematical formulae that proves this).

There are overhead gantries with graphics on them, that can display messages a red X means you can’t go beyond that point in that lane.

Lanes are closed to sort out breakdowns, collisions etc. with earlier signs telling you to change lanes – it is important to obey the signs, to help keep traffic flowing and leave room for the emergency services to get through.

People often complain that they do as requested, but see no reason for the lane closures.

That means the signs have done their job, slowed you down, moved you across, while the services have dealt with the problem.

The operators and the technology can see much further down the road than you can!

With the lack of a Hard Shoulder, having a mechanical breakdown can be quite daunting. If possible continue to the next refuge area (every 1.5 miles), if not stop put on hazard lights and wait to be rescued, the traffic monitoring system will quickly identify the issue and close the lane behind you (red X) then send help.

This is why you must never go down a lane which has been closed.

I did a Q & A podcast with Kaye Gambles, for the full broadcast follow this link – Https://anchor.fm/grabyourselfacuppa (episode 4)

Did you know that driving instructors don’t just teach learners?

I also do advanced driver training, and testing, taxi driver training and assessments, work with companies to ensure their driver policies comply with H & S, Also train other people to become driving instructors.

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The driving test centre at Reading is closing May 2020, a new location is yet to be announced, but, we are concerned that as a cost-cutting exercise it will be moved outside of Reading, which will impact on local people learning to drive.

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