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ON THE ROAD: That’s right, that’s neat, I love your tiger feet

Tiger crossing
A tiger crossing
Wokingham Driving School

There’s a new crossing in town!

We all know about Zebra’s, Puffin, Toucan and Equestrian (Pegasus) crossings, but do you know about “Tiger” crossings?

Otherwise known as Parallel Crossings.

It is a crossing that looks like a Zebra Crossing, but, with the addition of a cycle path running alongside, so cars need to give way to pedestrians on the Zebra bit and also cycles on the cycle bit.

Tiger crossing
A tiger crossing

There is nothing to explain this in the Highway Code or the publication of Traffic Signs, but, they do exist and are defined on the official government documentation (Traffic Signs and General direction Guidance, TSRGD, page 27). The traffic sign for it is still the one for a Zebra Crossing!

There is one on Wokingham Road.

Pavement parking

Parking on the Pavement – there is a suggestion going around that parking on pavements should be made illegal (it already is in London).

There are two sides to this, local councils don’t insist on adequate parking for each new home built, so we need to park on the road. To keep traffic flowing, people park partly (or wholly) on the pavement.

Now if (like someone in my family ) you are in a wheelchair, this can be a problem for getting around.

Very often although well meaning, the vehicle on the pavement is in the way of pedestrians, but, also vehicles on the road still have to wait behind, because they still can’t get passed with oncoming vehicles, so it’s not helping traffic but is hindering pedestrians.

We all need to be a little more thoughtful about where we park.

Night shift

Parking at night – As the nights draw in, we all need to remember the law when parking on the road in the dark, Highway code rules 248 & 249 apply;

  • You MUST NOT (this is law) park at night facing against the traffic flow
  • You MUST (this is law) display parking lights on a road with a speed limit greater than 30mph.

Last year I nearly crashed into a parked car on an unlit road whose limit is 40mph, due to a car coming the other way and partly dazzled me, I didn’t see the parked car as it was the wrong way round, with no lights showing.

Yes, on lessons we teach how to pull up safely on the wrong side of the road and how to move off again, but also discuss when not to do so.

The new generation of drivers will be educated in what to do and when not to do it.

Career change?

If you fancy a career change and would like to know more about being a Driving Instructor, please get in contact.

Sign the petition

The driving test centre at Reading is closing May 2020, a new location is yet to be announced, but, we are concerned that as a cost cutting exercise it will be moved outside of Reading, which will impact on local people learning to drive.

To register your concern please sign our petition

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