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ON YOUR BIKE: The different type of bikes you can buy


So, it’s officially spring. Days are getting longer, and temperatures are slowly climbing. This is the time of year, when a lot of cyclists are preparing for the summer. By buying a new bike.

There are now hundreds of bicycle brands around the world. Which can make the choice of a new bike seem bewildering.

So here are a few tips and pointers, to help you make the right decision.

Mid-range and manufactured

The vast majority of ‘mid range’ bikes are now carbon fibre. But there are several different types of carbon fibre, they can vary massively depending on cost.

Mass manufactured carbon frames have been refined over the years to keep the costs to a minimum.

These ‘mid range’ frames are generally made for an ‘average’ cyclist who wants something that feels light, is comfortable and accelerates quickly.

The good thing for the customer, is that because of this, most bikes at this prices will ride and handle similarly.
Easy, neutral steering, combined with a stiff bottom bracket for acceleration, and some flex in the rear triangle for comfort.

Higher end ‘tuned’ rides

When you look into the higher end of things you get a much more ‘tuned’ ride.

The extra costs involved are due to the man hours it takes to produce each frame.

Whereas entry level frames are made on a production line, these high end frames are made by skilled workers, using sometimes three or four times the amount of carbon fibre to fine tune the frame.

This gives the consumer the ability to pick a frame dedicated to their favourite type of riding.
If you prefer long climbs up high mountains, fast blasts around the countryside or epic distances and multi-day tours they have a bike for that.

The ultimate frame

But there is also another option: the ultimate frame.

This is a bespoke, custom made thing of beauty and tailor-made to your exact body shape, designed to ride exactly the way you want.

Like a Saville Row suit, it’s made around you, right down to your own paint design and choice of colour.

The choice is yours.

If you want advice on the best bike for you, why not pay me a visit?



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