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ON YOUR BIKE: Upgrade parts to maximise your ride


British Summer Time is here! To get the most out of your summer biking, upgrading parts is a great way to maximise your bike’s performance.

Wheels And Tyres

Most modern bikes come with fairly good wheels. But with an upgrade, you can transform how your bike rides.

If you want flat out fast, then deep section aero wheels are the way to go. Searching for the next big climb? Then a low profile ultralight wheelset is for you. How about strong, and comfortable over longer distances? Then bespoke hand-built wheels could be the answer.

Consider increasing the width of your tyres. It can increase comfort while keeping rolling resistance to a minimum.

A tubeless conversion will give even more comfort, with less rolling resistance than using inner tubes. And tubeless tyres use a solution inside them, that seals small holes, before you even notice! But always check that you have clearance between your frame for the increase in tyre size, before upgrading.

Handlebar And Stem

A carbon handlebar adds a huge amount of bump absorbing comfort to your bike.

Some alloy bars are also designed to flex a little, helping take the shock away from your wrists. If you’re looking for comfortable alloy bars, choose a bar with an ovalised top. This shape flexes more than a round bar, and give you some extra comfort.

Stems can be changed to maximise your position on the bike. Something with a higher rise, to take some pressure away from your wrists, and make those longer summer rides, more enjoyable. If you’re bigger in the shoulders, then be careful of carbon stems, as they tend to twist when you’re out of the saddle, which can be a bit disconcerting!


A new gearset can really change how the bike rides. More gears = a wider range of gear ratios.

It means you give can keep up with the speed demons, without struggling to find a comfortable gear on the climbs. Electronic gears are fantastic. Your chain will slip effortlessly across the gears, at the push of a button.


And even a simple bike service, can make a tired bike feel brand new again. A deep clean for the gears, fresh new cables and bright, clean bartap mean you’ll feel like your riding a different bike!

For more on upgrades, and servicing, email me at

Dave’s Cycle Works: For Servicing, Repairs and Custom Builds

The Speed Shop, Anglo Business Park, Fishponds Road, Wokingham RG41 2AN

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