One of Wokingham’s petrol stations is missing!

The new petrol station at Tesco's Finchampstead Road store in Wokingham Picture: Phil Creighton for The Wokingham Paper

IT’S a slogan which has helped make Tesco the largest supermarket chain in the country.

However, when it comes to the store’s new petrol station in Wokingham, it isn’t so much every little helps but rather very little there.

Angry shoppers who contacted Tesco to complain the self-service petrol pumps meant fewer parking spaces, were baffled when a supermarket official told them: “We don’t have a petrol station in Wokingham.”

What amazed locals using the Finchampstead Road branch is the official said he was told by staff at the store that it did not have its own pumps.

The new sign outside Tesco in Finchampstead Road showing the price of a litre of fuel

A number of shoppers contacted The Wokingham Paper and took to social media suggesting “Tesco checkout the large blue and white building in the car park that sells petrol.”

One reader said: “If it looks like a petrol station, smells like a petrol station and provides petrol like a petrol station, then I’m pretty sure it is a petrol station.

“It’s one thing for someone at Tesco HQ not to know what facilities every store has, but you’d think the staff in Wokingham would have an idea.”

Another bemused shopper added: “It’s hard to see how anyone could miss that large blue and white building in the car park.

“Maybe they mistook it for a new Royals shop. The colours are the same, but I suppose the four petrol pumps are a giveaway.”

One angry shopper contacted Tesco’s Twitter page to complain. He said: “Shame your new petrol pumps installed in car park @tescowokingham meant there were no spare parking spaces this morning. Went to @waitrose instead.”

In reply, a member of the Tesco customer services wrote: “I have contacted Tesco Wokingham and they are not aware of any petrol pump been installed in their car park.”

However, when The Wokingham Paper got in touch with the supermarket’s head office, an official apologised for the mix-up.

“We’re pleased to announce that we have just opened a brand-new Pay at Pump petrol station at our Wokingham Superstore.

“The petrol station will offer a convenient new service for our customers, while also ensuring there are still ample car parking spaces at the store.”

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Devan stephen Green
Devan stephen Green

People in wokingham will find anything to complain about. Bunch of people that think the sun shines out of their arses. Not all of us can afford BP fuel and I’m for one glad that tesco now has pumps. Go to waitrose instead


And still the Marks and Spencer store a few hundred yards away is charging an extra 8 pence a litre……