Opening date for Woodley’s new toilet edges closer

IT’S BRIGHT, it’s colourful and it’s not yet open for business – but it soon will be.

Woodley’s new public toilet was lifted into place in February and residents have been wondering when they’ll be able to visit the new facility.

This week, Keith Baker – the leader of Woodley Town Council and a candidate in the forthcoming town elections – gave The Wokingham Paper an update on the progress of the loo, which is at the Waitrose end of the Crockhamwell Road shopping precinct.

Over the past few weeks social media has been awash with chatter from people keen to spend a penny, while also criticising the toilet’s colourful façade.

Some have said it looks like a Rubik’s Cube, others Lego block and another a Fruit Pastille ice lolly.

One person said: “That toilet should be in theme park not precinct. Every time I drive past it I think there’s a show on in [the] precinct.”

Another said it was an eyesore, while others have wondered if its bright colours will distract drivers from the pedestrian crossing immediately opposite it.

But Mr Baker said that the opening date of the much-wanted public convenience was getting closer.

He said: “Southern Electric has now completed their connection and Thames Water are due to complete theirs by the last week in April.

“Then all that needs to be done is for the manufacturers to check everything out and commission it. Then it will be handed over to the town council.

“That is scheduled to happen immediately after Thames Water have completed their work.”

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Phil Creighton

Editor of The Wokingham Paper, and has worked in local journalism for more than 20 years including the Wokingham Times, Bracknell Standard and Reading Evening Post. He's also written for computer magazines, The Baptist Times and, to his delight and probably not yours, interviewed several Doctor Whos.

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