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When considering the 3 ‘bathroom types’ each room has a different meaning in the home.

‘Family Bathroom’ is the hub of the home used by family, friends and overnight guests. It is generally decorated in a contemporary style with practicality and functional to cope with lots of visits during the day. It generally has both a shower and a bath. Both used by the children for their nighttime routine.

Downstairs Cloakroom’ or the ‘forgotten room’ cosy small space –a room that is there for that quick toilet break and is in constant demand.  Decorated with a quirky style and experimental with colours and tiles

The ‘En Suite’

The en suite is the ultimate in ‘home luxury’ simply being able to slip from your bedroom straight into your beautifully designed room which becomes your haven. The room allows personal space away from the hub of family life and any house guests. It also gives you freedom to experiment with different styles and funky tiles.

Bathroom components

The components of the bathroom such as the shower, basin, toilet and radiator are all counted as furnishings for your room, however, the more you put into your bathroom the more you impede on the overall space.  Select carefully and think about what you actually need. 

As this is a private room there will be items that are very personal to the occupants therefore, storage will be key and kept to a minimum if the room is small.  Clever niches in the wall can act as storage or, for decoration purposes.

Depending on the size a freestanding bath can make a beautiful focal point in the room or, a walk-in shower. Either will look equally as stunning.

Accessorize with your favourite brand of shower cream and soap, a bright towel and a few candles to help you relax after a long day. 


Lighting is key, so think about different times of the day. Bright and functional in the morning but, relaxing in the evening. Try subtle lighting around the mirror and lighting in the niches.

This room is your private space so create a room that makes you want to spend time in.

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