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A part of the home that I fondly call the ‘forgotten room’ is the downstairs cloakroom – a room that is probably used the most, by the family of the home, friends and even the Waitrose Delivery Driver. It is generally located towards the front of the house with the door closed almost as if to hide the room.  The question is why this room is hidden away and why we don’t take much notice of it but, as part of updating your home this room is a perfect start to practice in.

How to make ‘small spaces’ look good
2020 is all about maximising small spaces and what a better room to start in would be the ‘forgotten room’ so, let’s reintroduce this room and make it a real feature in the home. Inject fun by having a funky radiator, quirky tiles and clever storage to complete the look. This could be an opportunity to express your decorating style in this smaller area of the house. Traditionally, we use this room as storage so why not introduce clever ways of storing your essentials.  Don’t choose large items of bathroom furniture but, furniture with items that suit the size of the room. Perhaps even choose some vibrant wallpaper that expresses your favourite themes. Add photographs and pictures to create a family feel about the room. Focus too, on a mirror; this is where ladies will go to check on their appearance so perhaps having lighting around the edge to soften the look.

Lighting in your small space
Lighting is a key part of the room and does not just provide the functionality of having light it adds atmosphere and mood.  Having just one light in the form of a lamp ceiling light will just cast a single pool of light in the middle of the floor. By using multiple lighting sources it will give the room elements of light in all areas of this small space. This will make the room feel bigger and more relaxing.  Even the wall hung toilet adds to the look of the room and coupled with lighting underneath creates a warmth to this room. The cloakroom below is a beautiful cloakroom that really shows how lighting works in this small space by using a ‘chandelier’ type light.

If, you are looking to be creative and start off somewhere small then take a look at our website where we have a page dedicated to ‘cloakrooms’ if that inspires you then pop into our showroom.

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