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Options Bath & Tile Studio: Tiles Complete the Look

Options Bath & Tile Studio

Tiles are a key part of your decision making when choosing your bathroom and, this room will allow you to be creative. Tiling your bathroom is a great way to add personality to your space and create a haven where you can enjoy your creation and relax. You may choose a ‘classic’ type tile that will not date or, make an impact with a tile that makes you go ‘wow’ whenever you walk into the room.

There are many different types of tiles available with, Ceramic and Porcelain being the 2 most popular. Glass, mosaic and stone are used for decorative areas. However, not all tiles work so, we take into consideration which type of tile would fit your room and, of course your budget.

CERAMIC: is the most popular type of tile found in the home as it simply works well. It’s easy to fit and clean, in addition there are many varieties to choose from.

PORCELAIN: a great appeal of this tile is its ability to emulate natural stone, brick or, wood. It can also be used outdoors as it will not freeze, fade or, crack. It is particularly good for high traffic areas of the house.

There is one tile however, that is making a big ‘comeback’ the ‘encaustic tile’ this includes ‘Carocim’ a French family-run company that manufactures these cement tiles. We are honoured to say that ours, is the only showroom in the care that specialises in this amazing tile.

We are now starting to use these gorgeous tiles in our designs and they are certainly providing our customers with the big ‘wow’ factor.

Encaustic tiles are striking, patterned tiles made of between two and six colours. The colours run through the tile itself so they won’t wear off over time. Their bold, graphic patterns and rich colours make them simply perfect for both a traditional and contemporary room.

If, you’re new to patterned tiles its best to start with a small area such as a splashback. Bright tones of blue, green or yellow will add a fun cheery tone to your room grey, or earthy colours have a more sophisticated feel.

So, if you’re looking for tile inspiration then we welcome you into our showroom to look at our displays.

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