PEACH PLACE: Frozen meals sell like hot cakes as COOK opens its doors to Wokingham

Members of CLASP and Cook came together on Friday to watch Joseph Davidson cut the ribbon to declare the new Peach Place store open Pictures: Phil Creighton for The Wokingham Paper

A special ribbon cutting ceremony celebrated the official opening of a new food store which has thawed the hearts of Wokingham.

The event took place on Friday and was attended by members of the local charity CLASP and the food chain’s management team.

Since opening on Good Friday, the new store has been exceptionally busy and begun to make links with local charities.

Delighted by Wokingham’s response, Ed Perry, CEO and founder of COOK, said: “I’m amazed by the reaction we’ve had this past week. The store’s been absolutely rammed and we’re relieved that the public are pleased with the outcome after waiting so patiently.”

Part of the new shop’s community initiative includes plans to support local charities by providing food donations and time that they can offer.


The Wokingham branch offers a 30% discount for anyone hosting a community event that will cater for more than 20 people.

Mr Perry described the deal as: “A chance to bring people together to share the food that we have on offer.

“For those planning an event, all they have to do is pop in for a chat with the team and our manager Amy who can advise the customer about their options.”

The store’s CEO added: “We really want to stress that we’re the antithesis of your everyday supermarket. We’re keen to get to know our local community and want to encourage everyone to come and say hello.

“And there’s no obligation to buy something.”

Over the past week the branch has welcomed a real mixture of customers ranging from two to ninety. And its best-selling dishes have included lasagne, beef bourguignon, and fish pie.

The Peach Place store sells a unique range of ‘homemade’ sweet and savoury frozen meals.

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