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PETS & VETS: How to help keep your cat cool in hot weather

Shaving fur can help keep long-haired cats cooler

Cats love to sunbathe but even they can get too hot in the summer and may need some help to stay cool.

Any cat can overheat however they will struggle more if they are long haired, flat faced, overweight or elderly.

If your cat is any of these please keep a close eye on hot days.

If cats overheat and are unable to cool themselves down they can become very ill.

If you notice your cat panting, drooling, being lethargic or wobbly on their feet then please phone your vet as these may be signs that they are overheating.

Depending on how sick they are they may need to come in so that we can cool them down safely and rehydrate them with a fluid intravenous drip.

However it is preferable not to reach this point and to help with this it is a good idea to make cool areas for them in the house and the garden that they can retreat too.

My cat’s favourite spot is the bathtub and many cats will also love laying out on the cool kitchen tiles.

Make sure they always have access to these areas and have a water bowl nearby.

Cool cat
With warm weather, it’s important to help cats have safe spaces to get out of the heat

Also make sure they have multiple shaded areas for them in the house and garden with water points so they never have to travel far for a drink.

You can also get cooling mats for your cat to lay on or can wrap up an ice pack in a blanket or towel and place it in your cat’s favourite sleeping area. 

If they are long haired and struggling consider clipping their hair short. Even just doing a short shave on their underside really helps. People often comment on how much happier and active their cats are after clipping their hair short.

If possible restrict their time outside to early morning and late evening, when it has cooled
down and avoid playing with them in the middle of the day when it is hot. 

Finally make sure to restrict their access to hot rooms like conservatories in the summer or make sure that they are unable to be trapped inside one.

If they have and are struggling please phone your vet as soon as possible.


Claire Turner is a Veterinary Surgeon at St. Vincents Veterinary Surgery, a family-owned practice providing personal care for all your pets in and around Wokingham. For more
information visit or call us on 0118 979 3200.

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