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From Covid-19 to Californian wildfires, the news can be difficult to engage with at the moment.

Another item you have may have missed is the WWF’s ‘Living Planet Report’, which showed “an average 68% decline in the population sizes of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish between 1970 and 2016.”

While in Iceland, the signs of global warming are unmistakable. It was reported this week by Sky News that the “Jokulsarlon lagoon has increased in size significantly in the last 40 years.” We were lucky enough to visit this beautiful place in 2012, before we decided to more strictly limit our flying as a family.

This issue, we decided to express things a little differently, with an original poem.

And we’ll be doing our first-ever live Q&A on ‘Living Sustainably & Going Plastic Free’ via our Facebook page on Thursday 24 September at 8pm. Register now if you’d like to join in.

2020, the strangest of years

One of many challenges and more than a few tears.

We stayed at home, placed our lives on pause. Took to the streets to share our applause.

But the world, it keeps spinning, and the fight for our future isn’t one that we’re winning. All the while it’s turning, Mother Earth is burning.

At a time we need unity, we’re more divided than ever, when will change come? Sadly some worry never.

From broken politics to racial divides, it’s time for everyone to stop taking sides.

We must enlighten our thinking and change our ways, if we are to look forward once again to happier days.

The time has surely come to learn to live as one. If we don’t make that leap soon, our beautiful home, and we, may be gone.

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