Police are 'working extremely hard to reduce speeding' across borough

Response comes after Hurst resident claims cars are driving through village with speeds of up to 100mph

Thames Valley Police hurst
A speed check being undertaken in Hurst Picture: Thames Valley Police

THE POLICE are working hard to making roads across the borough safer.

That’s according to a spokesperson for Thames Valley Police, responding to our story last week about speeding in Hurst.

Teacher Matt Love is calling for a speed camera and a pedestrian crossing by Dinton Pastures to keep pedestrians safe. He told Wokingham.Today that at night, “traffic is flying down the road at 90-100mph” and that it was “so loud it wakes us up”.

He argues that a speed camera would mitigate the problem.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said: “Thames Valley Police works extremely hard to reduce incidents of speeding on our roads and we are committed to making our roads safer.

“Locations of concern are reviewed on a regular basis, which is based on the number of fatal and serious injury collision figures, as well as complaints of speeding which we receive from members of the public. This information along with a survey of the speed can then assist us to determine where we allocate our resources.

“We have got static speed cameras and mobile vans deployed at locations across the Thames Valley, and police officers from Roads Policing and Neighbourhood policing teams supported by the great help from volunteers from our Community Speedwatch programme.”

And a post of the force’s Facebook page added: “Local Parish council completed a six-day traffic data test.

“Its findings: 9,507 vehicles exceeded 31 mph, 1,790 exceeded 41 mph and 158 exceeded 51 mph with traffic flow during weekdays peaks during 1500 to 1800 hours.

“This has led to Twyford NHPT (Neighbourhood Policing Team) being able to have directed traffic engagement to educate road users.”

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