PRESS PACK: Break time

Foundry College
A sunset Picture: StockSnap from Pixabay

For the 12th time today I light up another ‘gret, my skin gently warms
as the evening sun blazes down on me.

 The world is quiet. Barren, but at ease. It feels like time has stopped ticking and the world has been put on pause.

I can see the heat evaporating off the pavement that was once smothered with crisp autumn leaves.

I hear bird song that I have never encountered before because they have been overpowered by the erupting engines of cars.

Before it was like a competition of who’s the loudest, now the birds have won.

I take another drag of my ciggie which I feel like I have been smoking for days. I am okay with that.

The world has stopped spinning and the streets are bare.

No movement. No voices, apart from the sounds of burning and the gentle exhale from my lungs.

Nature is satisfied, and for once I am too. I breathe in and all I can smell is a mixture of fresh daffodils and the smell of spring bloom.

The smell of tranquillity fills my nostrils.

Sweet revenge from Mother Nature as she forces the whole world into hibernation in a matter of minutes.

Now nature can come out from hiding. The birds can fly without breathing in toxic fumes, the bees have a million opportunities to pollinate, and the rabbits can run free without the fear of the farmer’s gun.

The lack of selfishness and hatred makes my heart finally be at peace with the world.

Within five minutes nature has creeped out of its cocoon and has already started celebrating.

For the 12th time today I stub my cigarette out into the ashtray.

I take once last glance at the potentials of nature which it has been modestly denying all this

I am at peace with myself and I am appreciative of nature but I am still disheartened with humankind.

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