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PRESS PACK: Evendons Primary School dog day

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Dog Show

By Zsófia Szende,

Evendons Primary School

On Wednesday 24th of April 2019, Evendons Primary School had a dog day. The purpose of the dog day was to learn more about dogs and to know their special talents.

The dog day was a great success.

The dog show was showing some dogs special talents and how strong the connection is between the dog and the owner. All of the dogs did very well.

The tasks and obstacles that the dogs had to do were to walk halfway down the tennis court and then run back up while the owner of the dog was holding the lead.

The obstacle course was made up of three small hurdles, one hoop – jump through – then some cones to dribble through, then an obstacle that they can either go under, or jump above.

Then there was the same obstacle, but it was a bench, the other bench was for going on top, then the final one was to go through a tunnel.

Mrs Salmons said that she was really proud of her dog Enzo (pictured inset left).

The winning dog was Enzo, in second place was Ollie, in third place was our youngest dog Luna, in fourth place came Murray and finally, in fifth place was Archie.

The owners were all super proud of their dogs.



By Daisy Louisa Battisson

On the 24th of April 2019, Evendons Primary School hosted an amazing Dog Day. This inspiring day took place all around the school.

They held this occasion because it was educational for the pupils and helps them to be safe around dogs.

One of the events that took place was the Dog Show.

The competitors were Murray – Helen’s dog, Enzo – Katrina’s dog, Luna – Lucinda’s dog, Archie – Sarah’s dog and Ollie – Michelle’s dog.

We interviewed Helen and she quoted that ‘the hardest obstacle for Murray was the tunnel.’

The places were 1st, Enzo, 2nd, Ollie, 3rd, Luna, 4th, Murray and 5th, Archie.

All the pupils at Evendons really loved this day. They went home teaching their parents all about it.

Evendons has thought of doing this wonderful day again.

Dogtacular dog day

By Chloe Bazeley

On Wednesday 24th April 2019 Evendons Primary School hosted a dog day.

There were many dogs and the children got to see many dogs and learn lots of facts.

At the end of the day, they held a dog show.

There were many contestants and they all had fun.

The names of the contestants were Katrina and Enzo, Helen and Murray, Sarah and Archie, Michelle and Ollie and last but not least Lucinda and Luna.

The dogs did many tricks and one of my favourite tricks was when Enzo had a bell placed in front of him.

He put his paw down on the bell and it made a noise.

The winners of the dog show were Katrina and Enzo.

After the show, I interviewed one of the contestants.

Helen explained: “It was an extraordinary show and I think Murray did very well!”

I think Evendons should have another dog day. I’m sure loads of the students would agree.

The dogs at Evendons primary school are very talented and I hope the dogs live a happy life.

Enzo the Dog
Enzo the dog

Dog Day

By Mady Newton

On Wednesday, 24th April, Evendons hosted a dog day. All the children in the school attended.

Lots of dogs came to school. Parents were asked to bring their dogs to school.

Five dogs came to school.

I interviewed Stephen Newton. I asked him what breed of dog he had. He replied, “Bernese Mountain dog.”

I asked him if his dog gets hot in the summer.

He said, “She gets hot spots in the summer. This is where she licks her skin and it turns red.”


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