PRESS PACK: Friends, Romans, Hawkedon…

By Nikki Gladwin-Stride, Hawkedon Primary School

On Tuesday, March 19, Year 3 at Hawkedon Primary School had a visit from Sir Teachalot to experience a day in the life of a Roman soldier.

We found out why the Romans wanted to invade Britain and why they were so successful in their invasions.

Some children were lucky enough to try on different Roman soldier uniform, which were really heavy.

The whole year group grouped together to create an army and practice Roman army formations such as the tortoise and the orb.

To see how effective the formations were, half the children got to throw beanbags at the other half of the year group in the formations, who were moving forward in the tortoise formation.

The children experienced what a gladiator fight was like and some children got to try on the uniform for different gladiators such as the Murmillo.

We found out how the audience decided the fate of the losing gladiator and put the to test when Miss Schroeder and Miss Hardy battled it out in the arena.

Unfortunately, Miss Hardy took a blow to the stomach, but thankfully the crowd were feeling kind and saved her from death.

To end the day, the children learnt about the story of Bouddica with the help of some children who acted out the story. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and looked amazing in their costumes.

Freya (8) said: “I thought the Roman Man was really good at helping us children learn about the Romans. He was great at making us learn whilst laughing.”

Max (8) added: “I thought the Roman Man was really funny. We learnt army formations and threw bean bags at another class’s formation to test the strength of the formations.”

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