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PRESS PACK: Phenomenal Gilbert White trip

Evendons School

On Tuesday 12th March 2019 Anning class, from Evendons Primary School, went to Selbourne to visit Gilbert White’s house.

They did lots of fun activities and explored Gilbert White’s house with great interest.

Anning class went round the house and learnt lots of new things on the way. They were told that Gilbert had a pet tortoise named Timothy, who was actually female. Gilbert carried out lots of investigations with Timothy.

One was to see if tortoises could swim.

After they learnt about Timothy they went to look at a ha-ha wall.

A ha-ha wall is a wall that doesn’t block your view but keeps woodland animals out of your garden.

The last and probably most interesting thing they learnt was that Gilbert used to sit in a barrel with a roof over the top and spin at a slow pace.

He did this so he could get a better view of birds without scaring them. During the trip the children were talking about what they learnt.

Rosie explained “Gilbert White’s house wasn’t that big in his time!”

Pippa said, “It’s amazing that most of Gilbert White’s house was built on later!”

In the afternoon, the children looked through microscopes and drew different stuffed animals.

They also investigated bugs from a rotten log.

Some of Anning class were scared when they saw the insects. But when they saw a big spider they leapt back a metre!

Next year, I wish the new Year Fives from Evendons, as much fun as Anning had this year.

I hope more people will visit this spectacular museum. I sure hope I’ll go there again!

I recommended this place to people who like nature and the way Gilbert White worked.

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