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Prince Harry and his Merry Bride at Windsor – a poem from a reader

Harry and Meghan

This was printed in our letters page this week – Editor

Prince Harry was educated locally prior to his time at Eton. 

When he and Meghan became man and wife, I committed the occasion to verse. 

This past week, the terms of the Duke and Duchess’s future in Canada have been ironed out, and it is good to recall that day of rejoicing. 

May their fresh start in Canada, with their little son, be all that they could wish. They have so much to offer. 

Prince Harry and his Merry Bride at Windsor

Harry – Prince of UK, Meg – of US of A 
Are sublime kindred spirits no doubt 
Both tirelessly strive to help others survive 
And in harness have oodles of clout 
Stars shone in alignment when Harry glimpsed Meghan 
Both out on a life-changing date 
Instantly bonding thus true love began 
A union decreed by kind fate 

So at Windsor in May on a perfect spring day 
In the castle church plighted their troth 
His fair bride to claim with Wills Harry came 
Resplendent in uniform both 
The roar of the crowd waxed exceedingly loud 
To a fashion show well-wishers treated 
As each famous guest trooped to church dressed in best 
To mingle at first then be seated 

At fever pitch they in the old town that day 
Who arrived from afar and from near 
Our brave prince to support with his charming consort 
And recalled his young mother so dear 
Patriotism was well to the fore 
The atmosphere crackled with goodwill galore 
Soldier-bands blazed and flags waved like mad 
Soon the bride would be greeted by Prince Harry’s dad 

The new star of the show Meghan Markle aglow 
Arrived with her dignified mother 
Climbed the steps of St George her new life to forge
Harry in wait with his brother 
Veiled and in satin the bride looked divine 
Her wide smile out-sparkled her tiara shine 
And Prince Harry’s face lit up like the sun
When he drank in the beauty of his perfect one 

Heraldic fanfare rang over the scene 
A picture in green was Grandmother Queen 
Who took joy in bestowing with warmth and with pride 
The Dukedom of Sussex on groom and his bride 
Thus a new Duke and Duchess stepped into the air 
And kissed to the crowd’s lusty cheers everywhere 
May the merry pair share married life filled with laughter 
And the fairytale omen extend ever after. 

In honour of the Royal wedding 19th of May 2018 

Gloria Elizabeth Griffiths 

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