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READERS LETTERS: As seen in The Wokingham Paper of June 25, 2020


The dawn awaits as lockdown starts to ease

GRADUALLY, like the fingers of dawn unveiling the day ahead, the results of the cautious relaxation of coronavirus lockdown are appearing locally and across the rest of the country.

For some it will bring cause for celebration.

Reunions, return to work, visiting familiar shops and enjoying again some, at least, of life’s suspended pleasures.

But let it not be forgotten that tens of thousands of others will be left mourning the loss of loved ones, an agony exacerbated by recent allegations that many of these deaths were preventable.

Without wishing to appear insensitive, life does go on and so perhaps the best way of honouring the memory of those lost and paying tribute to those giving tirelessly to get use where we are today is not more political platitudes, but rather by continuing to act responsibly, thus preventing a second wave of Covid-19, bringing with it even greater devastation and ensuring the world they enriched remained the more caring, sharing and considerate place in many ways it has become in the wake of a cruel pandemic that has affected
so many lives.

J W Blaney, Wokingham

Take the barriers down

NO ONE has very had to deal with such a virulent pandemic as Coronavirus before and of course mistakes will happen but at some future point in time those mistakes/errors will have to be evaluated.

Genuine errors should be accepted but mistakes while this pandemic evolves?

I fully agree with the points raised by Keith Carter in last week’s edition regarding the crowd barriers erected by the Council.

Just when the Council wants people to come back into town to support the shops, they make it more difficult for shoppers to park by blocking off most of the parking spaces.

The Government has announced relaxation of the social distancing to 1m. As this can be easily achieved on the pavements in Wokingham town centre, the barriers should be removed immediately.

As the whole exercise has been pointless, the Council should be made to inform the population of Wokingham exactly how much they have spent in erecting and removing the barriers and temporary traffic lights.

Derek Porter, Wokingham.

Another winner

I DID enjoy readers’ letters last week – lovely to see some serious issues commented on. I particularly enjoyed
 Dr Peter Hornsby’s views on the Government/Conservative Party that no way relates to the Party of Old.

Following his letter and the devastating verdict by Lord Jonathan Sumption, headed ‘These people have no idea what they are doing’, I need not bore readers by adding more of my own views. Lord Jonathan is an ex-Supreme Court Judge, and his article appeared in the Mail on Sunday – if possible, please read it.

To quote one of his comments, ‘you have to go back to the 1930s to find a Cabinet as devoid of talent as this one’ brilliantly expressed, and as I agree 100%, I feel entitled to quote him.

The Editor mentioned in last week’s paper, the demise of the popular kebab van opposite St Paul’s Church. I thought readers may like to know that when it was established, local rules were that such services were not allowed in Wokingham generally. I can reveal the council was basically overruled by a Conservative Councillor. At the time a friend who worked for the council told me that one of his tasks was to stop such events happening. I wonder how much ‘protection money’ was paid.

Just like living in Palermo.

The ‘triple lock’ which I suspect affects many of our residents and myself which was a pledge in the last election. That was a very reasonable method of helping pensioners as the cost of living rose way above their income. The Chancellor suggests a two year suspension (do you believe that?) because of the prediction that factors such as wages may increase and have an adverse effect on the calculations.

May I predict that the Chancellor is correct, but I wish he would take note of the threat to prices, now creeping up worryingly. We may well find trade unions start to get tough when the pressures of our economic state have a serious effect on many workers’ pay.

Secondly, his gift to employers who have furloughed staff dishonestly, is an expense we should not have to bear. One of the best rackets I have ever seen. When it stops will be the time when redundancies are decided, to provide another horror story to our workforce. But at least what I refer to as “The Money” in this country, will be well looked after.  The Companies Act requires an overhaul.

Reg Clifton, Wokingham

Thank you for the news

PHIL AND the wonderful Wokingham Paper team:I wanted to say a big thank you for all your support to both CLASP and other charities/voluntary sector.

It has been so uplifting to see something about us all each week in your paper, and that you are still producing paper-based copies. Our members as you know have learning disabilities and prefer to see your news on paper.

It is great that you are sharing our activities so that others can join in, and that you are extending the positive message of CLASP and our good work for the Wokingham community. It has put a smile on our faces every week.

Debs Morrison, CLASP Manager

A listening ear

ALTHOUGH lockdown is easing, everyone is still grappling with the continuing challenges of Covid-19 and many could use some additional help or emotional support.  Since the Pandemic, the charity Family Action’s FamilyLine service has done just that, helping more than 2,000 people and their families.

FamilyLine is a free, confidential advice and support service on family issues. We provide a listening ear, answer particular parenting questions or help with guidance around more complex family issues. If you need help or advice, please get in touch, Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm by calling: 0808 802 6666, text message: 07537 404 282, email: or by live web chat.  You can find out more on our website

David Holmes, CEO Family Action, 34 Wharf Road, London, N1 7GR

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Keith Carter

Thank you Derek Porter for your support. The barriers have been an absolute unnecessary waste. There are no queues outside shops in Peach Street, and with social distancing down to 1 metre from weekend they should be removed.

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