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Second World War
Picture: Andrew Curtis from Pixabay

I remember well my Granddad
In the last years of the war
Upright, proud, and stubborn
And British to the core

He lived downstairs, the flat below
And each morning I would creep
Across the lino covered floor
Eyes misted still with sleep

Up I’d climb upon his lap
And in his old and worn-out chair
He’d read from his newspaper
The tales of Rupert Bear

But Granddad had an inner strength
Too old, not called to fight
In typical ‘Dad’s Army’ style
He’d fire-watch through the night

And “I’ll not run from Hitler”
Was a phrase he’d often use
As bombs rained down  on London
And dismal was the news

“No, I’ll not dance to Hitler’s tune”
As he quoted Churchill’s speech
He’d fight on each street corner
And on every English beach

So let’s replicate his spirit
We’re British through and through
And we’ll shown this rotten virus
Just what we Brits can do

And our valiant island nation
Corona thought it could invade
Will once again take up the fight
And show we’re unafraid

With patriotic fervour
The Bulldog Breed is still alive
We Brits, we won’t surrender
From the virus we’ll survive

So in my Granddad’s image
And all brave souls before
We won’t run from this virus
That’s dared to breach our shore

You are an unseen enemy
And many a life you’ll take
But history has taught us
The British spirit you won’t break

We’ll fight it out together
’Though isolated we may be
But each of us will do our bit
Until once more we’re free.

Jean Hill

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