Reading East parliamentary candidate backs deselection for any Conservative MP voting against Johnson


As Parliament prepares for a series of crunch votes this week, the Conservative candidate for Reading East has said it is right to deselect any of his party’s MPs who vote against the government. 

And Craig Morley said that the current Labour party is an “extreme [and] ‘institutionally anti-Semitic’, hard-left opposition”. 

His comments come after it was leaked that Conservative whips had told MPs that if they will have the whip withdrawn and will not stand as Conservative candidates in an election.

In his tweet, warned: “Conservative MPs are planning to join with an extreme, ‘institutionally anti-Semitic’, hard-left opposition to remove the levers of government from… the government. Their own government. This is absolutely a deselection issue.”

Mr Morley was selected earlier in the summer and has previously backed the Brexit stance advocated by current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

However, his counterparts do not agree. 

Imogen Shepherd-Dubey, who is the newly announced Liberal Democrat candidate for Reading East, said: “The Conservative leadership is threatening its own members into supporting a no-deal Brexit on October 31st. 

“Unfortunately, if anyone wants to stop this it means working with some uncomfortable bedfellows for the short term, for the sake the common good.

“One that is done, the Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign to stop Brexit altogether and stay in the EU. 

“We already have the best deal as an existing EU Member state. We need our Parliamentarians to be spending their efforts sorting out our Policing and NHS problems instead.”

Matt Rodda, Labour MP for Reading East, said: “No deal would be deeply damaging to our local economy, the NHS and other public services and our to our community as a whole.

“I’m pleased that MPs are working on a cross-party basis to oppose a no-deal Brexit.

“In the longer term I would like to see a second referendum with a realistic soft Brexit deal and Remain on the ballot paper and I would campaign for Remain.”


  1. It’s funny how the Tories get hysterical about a hard left opposition when their own party has been taken over by a hard-right faction that are prepared to trample on our democracy to push through a no-deal Brexit that we were promised would never happen.

  2. Mr Morley is a poorly misinformed candidate whom I hope never gets elected. His comments regarding Matt Rodda the current MP were wrong on several accounts, and seemed more personal than professional. He should keep his comments to himself, until elected, and stick to matters that concern him and his seriously troubled, non democratic party.


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