Red Hot Crowthorne team take on the Spartan Beast for charity

Red Hot Penny Crowthorne
The team from Red Hot Penny celebrate their success against the Spartan Beast

A team of six from Crowthorne-based digital marketing company, Red Hot Penny took on the half marathon obstacle course in the name of charity.

They undertook the Spartan Beast in support of Rowing Dangerously, where adventurer and former soldier, Jordan Wylie, rowed unsupported across the Bab El Mandeb straits –  one of the world’s most dangerous stretches of water – from Yemen to Djibouti.

Taking on their own personal challenge, the team ran through 21km of mud, with 30 obstacles designed to push the human body. After six hours, they made it across the finish line. 

Jodie Wheeler, member of the Red Hot Penny team said: “Running the Spartan Beast was an absolutely amazing day that reminded us all of what we’re capable of. It was difficult but running it in support of Rowing Dangerously and the charities benefitting from it made every step worth it.

“We loved supporting each other, and we hope people will be encouraged to do the same also.”

So far, the row has raised more than £11,000 to support charities Frontline Children, who help children caught in conflict and war, Epilepsy Action, who support those with epilepsy and Seafarers UK, who support the maritime community.


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