Red sky sees John Redwood become an internet meme

Red Sky
John Redwood was interviewed on BBC News at the height of the red sky phenomenon launching a new internet meme

WOKINGHAM MP John Redwood was interviewed by BBC News yesterday at the height of the red sky phenomenon. Internet wags were quick to take advantage of the unusual backdrop to post a series of jokes about the anti-EU MP.

The view of Westminster behind MPs interviewed on the BBC usually shows the Elizabeth Clocktower that houses Big Ben and the buildings around it.

However, with repairs to the Houses of Parliament currently taking place, the clocktower is surounded by scaffolding.

Storm Ophelia sucked up Saharan sand, causing the skies yesterday to turn an eerie shade, which Twitter quickly dubbed #redsky.

Although Wokingham borough, like the majority of the Thames Valley, voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union, Mr Redwood has not changed his mind on the issue.

On Monday, October 16, BBC News was interviewing him over potential trade deals when Britain leaves the Union next year.

While many Twitter commentators were agreeing or disagreeing with his politics, others were using the unusual backdrop to joke that Mr Redwood was out of this world.

It has gone on to become an Internet meme: a picture that gets shared with witty captions or adaptations.

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Hi, very funny article although the name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower, not St Stephen’s Clocktower: